adelaide web hosting shared VPS dedicatedWhat is Web Hosting?

In order for a website to be accessible through the internet, it must be ‘hosted’ on a web server. Hosting includes the physical space for your website to be stored, email accounts using your domain name (ie [email protected]), website statistics and optional features such as databases, shopping carts and security.

We offer and utilise top-tier web hosting providers for superior service, speed, support and features.

How much space do I need

The average small business website is less than 100MB!
E-commerce and larger sites require more space but often not significantly. Images and emails usually take up the most data space.

Reliable hosting infrastructure

We prefer to use web hosts in Australia and the United States with proven track records of high up-time, minimal outages and secure backup facilities.
Our hosts typically offer 99.9% uptime on their hosting services and secure offsite backups.

Additionally, we can deploy sites across ‘Content Delivery Networks’ (CDNs) to decrease page load times and add greater security.
CDN’s work by mirroring your content across multiple servers around the world and when a threat to any site on the network is identified, it can be blocked from all other sites.

Shared, VPS, Dedicated Hosting – What does it all mean?

The majority of websites are hosted on Shared hosting. Shared hosting simply means multiple websites are hosted together on a server, ensuring reasonable pricing without compromising service. Shared hosting can be likened to an apartment building where each apartment is individually maintained but part of a shared structure overseen by the hosting company.

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) are used for more demanding sites with higher traffic, data and memory requirements and can be likened to penthouse suites. They cost significantly more than shared hosting but reserve a dedicated portion of server resources/CPU/RAM for their exclusive use.

Dedicated servers are stand-alone servers and all server resources/CPU/RAM/data space are 100% reserved for your exclusive use. They can be thought of as stand-alone mansions. Plenty of room, features and fully customisable with blisteringly fast access rates for site visitors.


Please CONTACT US to discuss your hosting requirements or explain any features in layman’s terms.